Oddified components win!
You'll find some of the wins that we have had with our components below, if you have also had success with our components please e-mail them to us and we'll enter them in our database of Oddified success!.

Some Of The Many Results From 2015
A clean sweep with maximum points gained in the Brca off road championship by Ian Oddie. Using all Oddified products including Engines, Ecu, clutch, Brakes etc etc. Craig Orman finished a very well deserved 3rd overall, again using all Oddified components.
Fg Mini racing in the Brca, TQ and won every round of the championship.
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Early Results So Far In 2013!
Neil Ward using Oddified marine engines to win at an OMRA National Championship event.
Oddified Engines make the difference!
Just Some Results From 2012
Congratulations to Kenny McCann for winning the Irish Championship, using Oddified Engines and Ecu. Ian Oddie only competed in the minimum of number of 3 Brca on road meetings so all the results had to count but still achieved 2nd place in the championship, again using Oddified engines, brakes, clutch, diff etc.
After competing in 6 rounds of the Brca off road championship, Ian Oddie using Oddified engines, Ecu, clutch, brakes etc, took the TQ position at all 6 rounds!!.
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Just A Few Of The Results From 2011!
Congratulations to Kaine Dawkins for winning the Crystal Palace touring car championship. His father Ted said;- "The picture's of kaine & mike. Kaine taking 1 place T.C.crystal palace champion yr 2011 using all of oddie parts. Thanks to Ian Oddie for is guidance & his understanding, without him & is parts Kaine would not be as good thanks Ian......ted."
Once again Ian won the Brca off road championship. Oddified engine, ecu, brakes, clutch etc.
Oddified Products help you win!
Oddified and Contrast are European Champions 2010!

Ian Oddie Wins Efra European Off Road Championship!.
Using an Oddified tuned engine, clutch, diff, brake pads and disc's to take the win at the Fehring in Austria.

Thanks must also go to:-
Contrast Racing
Grp Tyres
Redline Racing

Thank you, Ian

Oddified win the 2010 BRCA Off Road Championship.
Ian Oddie and Contrast win the championship with the maximum 505 points at these tracks:-
West Coast Racway
Nene Valley

James McCarthy took TQ and Won 2 races at Frome using an Oddified engine/clutch to finish 2nd overall in the Championship....very well done James!

Results Are Our Best Advert
IFMAR 2007 World Championships in Brisbane, Australia

Ian Oddie finishes 3rd in main final, using oddified engine,clutch,mag diff,brakes,ecu.

A fantastic result to finish on the podium yet again at 2 consecutive World Championships.

Results are our best advert...

3rd Place in World Championship !!
IFMAR 2005 World Championships 2005, Lostallo, Switzerland

Oddified parts prove their worth as Ian Oddie takes the 2005 1:5 scale WC by 5 laps in Lostallo!.

Oddified are World Champions!!!!!!!!.

Results are our best advert...

Final Placing - World Champion !!
European Championships Formula One and Touring Car

European Championships in Sweden

With a 3rd place in both F1 and Touring cars, Ian Oddie had his best ever personal results at a European Championship meeting in 1/5th driving Harm cars.

Both cars were fitted with oddified components, engines, ecu, diff's, brakes etc.

Final Placing - 3rd