Oddified Electronic services.

We are offering complete design and manufacture of electronic devices.

Electronic Work..

1 off design work or small production...

From just an idea or requirement you may have for an electronic device, oddified can do the R+D, produce schematics, produce pcb designs and ultimately produce the finished item if required.

Using professional software, schematics can be drawn, transferred into a pcb design and manufacture, using photo sensitive pcb (single or double sided), Uv box and etched. Components can be surface mount, standard, or a mixture of the two.

Microprocessor software can be written for applications that require it.

Numerous designs and ideas have been put into production for various company's....

Signal converters, pwm to 0-5v D-A converter with 10 bit resolution for data logging.

Full user programmable menu driven control unit, lcd displays, power outputs.

Signal level to extremely high power level digital driver pcbs, over 500amps!.

Engine ecu for model cars.

Petrol to lpg engine timing module.

4 channel servo splitter with programmable trimmer's per channel. 
Serial data interfaces.
Ecu trigger wheel simulators for bench testing ecu's.

The list is endless, so if you need something designing, and building, then please contact us.