Oddified downloads.

Instruction sheets and general information available to down load. Please either right click and select 'save as' or open on your own pc directly.

Available down loads-
Oddified MK2 ECU New Version
Updated 10th December 2014, version 2.2 software

Oddified MK2 ECU Normal Version
Updated 19th December 2009, version 2.1 software

Oddified MK2 ECU Special Version
Updated 16th January 2011, version 3.0 software
Oddified mag diff instructions
Oddified MK1 ecu instructions
NEW! Elcon Impact 4wd Gear Ratio Chart

FG 4wd Leopard Off Road Gear Ratio Chart

Contrast On and Off Road Gear Ratio Chart

Fg/Harm On Road Gear Ratio Chart

Fg/Harm Off Road Gear Ratio Chart

MCD Gear Ratio Chart

Other Useful Information;-

Zenoah/CY Engine CC Calculator
Bore/Stroke Engine Stroke
Bore MM 28mm Orig +0.5mm +1mm +2mm +3mm
32mm 22.52cc 22.92cc 23.33cc 24.13cc 24.93cc
34mm 25.43cc 25.88cc 26.33cc 27.24cc 28.15cc
35mm 26.94cc 27.42cc 27.90cc 28.87cc 29.83cc
36mm 28.50cc 29.01cc 29.52cc 30.54cc 31.56cc
38mm 31.75cc 32.32cc 32.89cc 34.02cc 35.16cc